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If you are a wagering fan and you have to bet on the web, secure more money from online clubhouse diversions, Malaysia online casino betting club can be the best decision for you. Passing by any online club in Malaysia, you will be genuinely peppy since more than the chances to wager no limitation at whatever time

  1. Malaysia online clubhouse free credit – the trusted in wagering business part for all

Everyone understands that Malaysia online betting club is the expert online clubhouse master which is controlled and administered by the Malaysian government. Thusly, not in any way like distinctive countries on the planet, in Malaysia, there is no troublesome issue while wagering. Despite whether you play in arrive based club or wager with any clubhouse, you furthermore can pleasing to play without any sentiments of fear in this confided in electronic wagering business division. All you need to know to enter online betting clubs in Malaysia is you ought to be non-Muslims and no under 18 years old. In any case, I prescribe you should check meticulously all information and what’s more licenses of the clubhouse you wish to join to find the most strong clubhouse to ensure your interests while wagering.

  1. Acknowledge free betting club rewards while benefitting on the web

Most online betting club regions in Malaysia online clubhouse promote offer free clubhouse rewards for each one of their players. Undoubtedly, even various clubhouse offer prizes go from 100% to 300% on your first store. Besides, there are various diverse prizes you can find here, for instance, Malaysia online betting club

  1. Offer free beguilement credit

When you join any online betting club districts, you find the free demos or free type of clubhouse redirections. Free entertainment credit is available for you to test the preoccupation. You need to perceive what truly matters to the preoccupation, you look like it or not, what prizes are and fundamentally more. Malaysia online betting club fathoms what you require and what you require when you play electronic betting amusements. Thusly, they offer free entertainment credit for individuals who are new children on the square to the betting club amusements. With free beguilement credit, you have the opportunity to practice and improve your gaming capacities. See more.

  1. Gives huge payout rates

As the expert online betting club pro for clubhouse preoccupations, Malaysia online clubhouse gives a standout amongst the most important bonanza payouts for champs to benefit online with the most appealing prizes at their home. Anyone knows club beguilements are anything but difficult to play yet it is hard to win the most amazing payouts. With online betting club Malaysia, all players currently stand a chance to win. By far most of the onlineclub today allow champs will have the ability to twofold their wins by uncommon component. If you are unsafe individual and love endeavor, you should not disregard this plausibility of duplicating.

  1. The best chances to benefit the most

Point of fact, Malaysia online clubhouse structure is outstanding amongst other options for you to benefit online the most while wagering. Thought this is web wagering system, come to it, there are various beneficial chances to get the charming prizes from any online betting club diversions of any

  1. Best customer organizations of Malaysia online club

A champion among the most stunning things which anyone comes and values wagering Malaysia share: that is the best customer organizations of it. Not exactly the same as other electronic wagering areas where you have to fight alone with the activities about login, picking and attracting, come


There are numerous wagering areas on the planet for you to pick and wager online agreeable. Each option has different purposes of intrigue and obstructions, anyway the decision which asserts the greatest conditions and gives you the most reliable chances to wager and benefit online casino Malaysia. All things being equal, what are you sitting tight for? We should enlist and start. Click here for more information: http://www.bullbet8.com/MY/sports_wft.aspx

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Play Now At Judi Online Casino

Have you thought about Judi online? To be honest, there are now millions who love the idea of playing online casino games and the trend isn’t slowing down either. Why are so many people now taking to the web? It’s down to how simple it is to play online and how it’s easier than ever before. However, are you still a bit unsure of playing online? You probably aren’t the only one as thousands remain a bit wary of playing Judi online. Read on to find out more about why you should consider playing online.

It’s a Convenient Outlet to Look Into

Very few people have the ability to visit a casino Malaysia as they aren’t open around the clock. What is more, people don’t always have the luxury of traveling to a casino at any given time of the day or night and that essentially means there is a need for online play. With the internet you can get a more convenient way to play and it’s really great. There has never been a simpler way to play and you can absolutely find you get to play your favorite games whenever and wherever you like. That is great and since you don’t have to leave the home, it enables you to get more value for money too.

More Games Available

Having a limited choice of games within a physical casino can be annoying. Casinos aren’t always grand and stretch over twenty floors, they can sometimes be small and that means availability is small. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but if you want more games then it’s not ideal. However, when you look to Judi online you have the ability to find sites that offer far more games which is amazing. You can now choose from a wide variety of games and play however you like. That appeals to most people and in reality it’s going to be a more simple way to play the casino games you love best.

How Do You Like To Play?

You have to remember, online play is becoming even more popular and there are good reasons why. For some, they don’t have the ability to find a casino close to them and for others they just find it tough to fit time in their regular 9-to-5 working hours. However, being able to play online when they have a free moment can be fantastic and better for most individuals. What is more, there is no need to get dressed up as you can sit in bed using an online casino Malaysia. That is why there are now so many who choose internet play.

Enjoy Playing Online Casino Games

Casino games can be fantastic because you get to enjoy the games you love as well as potentially win a lot of money too! However, you do have to ensure you choose a suitable site as there are many options to consider today. You want to choose a site that offers a good variety of games as well as offers a good level of security and protection also. Enjoy playing Judi online and get the games you love to play.…

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S188 Online Casino Malaysia Review


S188 casino is known in the betting industry. S188 is one of the casinos which have very low ranking by its users due to its poor performance regarding their services.

List showing Available Live Casino, Slot Games and Sports in S188:


Live casino


Slot Games Suite



Baccarat VIP WFT Sports
Blackjack Emperor S Sports
Casino Holdem 1S Games
Roulette Royal
Dragon Tiger Macau
Texas Holdem Vegas
Sic Bo

Other games include Keno and 4D.


S188 operates with few number of banking options to complete your financial needs.  Again, the speed is not convenient when transacting with those banks. Some transactions such as Local Bank Transfer take the whole day to complete. Transactions are faster although, withdraw limit in S188 is low.


Promotion and Bonuses 

  • VIP up 7% top up bonus-you can be promoted only one level per month. That is silver, gold diamond, VIP. For you to attain the lowest level which is Silver you must have made a deposit of not less than MYR 25,000 per month.
  • New players are entitled to a welcomed deposit of up to MYR 388 when the make first deposit of not less than MYR 30.
  • Daily 20% deposit bonus: Only for the first daily deposit.
  • Unlimited 5% reload bonus: Deposit minimum should not be less than MYR 30.
  • 88% bonus on starter pack: Deposit should be MYR 100.
  • Weekly compensation bonuses of up to MYR 588 per week: Only for the members with a minimum daily loss of MYR 1,000 or weekly loss of MYR 15,000.
  • Up to 0.8% unlimited Keno stakes rewards: Applicable only for the live casino.
  • MYR 188 safe play Tuesday Bonus: Players who receive any bonus such as welcome bonus during the promotional week does not qualify for this kind of gift.

Although S188 has good promotions and bonuses, look at the list of gifts above and not that all the rewards are accompanied by a condition of which if you does not meet that condition you will not qualify. S188 is not okay at all, especially on bonuses and promotions.

Customer services 

S188 customer care service is not excellent.  They have few means of contacting them which is not recommended.  You can contact them through live chat, telephone, email. Sometimes S188 customer care delays to answer your query which is annoying.


S188 has unstable betting software which is not highly secure. S188 cannot guarantee your financial safety. Sometimes transactions are delayed up to one day. Therefore 7luck88 betting software is not convenient.



Finally, we would not recommend anybody to join S188 casino. Do not bother to register with S188. S188 have poor performance in their services. Therefore we rate S188 a one star. Even after making all the changes, S188 have remained behind regarding their performances. For the players who want to join the gambling world, try to look for an alternative casino to register.  S188 has been maintained at the lowest level in the way they offer their services from games, promotions; bonuses, customer care services, transactions as well as security all are not fine. It shows how S188 has no experience in setting and operating their site. The most important factor in your gambling world is your security especially the finance which in S188 you are not guaranteed. If you are looking for a place that will guarantee you a great gaming experience, efficient pay out and 24/7 customer service, we would recommend you trying Bullbet8 instead, Malaysia’s largest and most trusted online casino. Click below to register and claim your free RM30 credit to play.


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MAS888 Malaysian Online Casino Review



MAS888 is a known online casino across Asia. MAS888 have been licensed to do gambling. Therefore you will be somehow secured while in MAS888. They offer security and provide regular services for the players.

List of Live Casino, Slot games, Poker and Sports Available in MAS888:


Live Casino


Slot Games





GD Suite Microgaming Big 2 S-Sports
Allbet Maxim 13 Hua M-Sports
Leocity88 Leocity 88 Poker
Premium Suite Royal 3D
Galaxy Suite Hunt Fish
998 Casino
AG Deluxe Suite

Other games include Cockfighting and Ball Scans.


Making deposits and withdrawals is one of the factors to consider when looking for an online casino. MAS88 makes make transactions through various channels such as E-Wallet (PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller). Credit cards are also applicable, debit cards as well as bank transfers. Transactions in MAS888 are somehow quick. MAS888 provides a variety of banking options meaning that accessing your funds is easier. Choosing the right option depends on your location as well as the currency you are using.


Bonus and Promotions 

MAS888 offers some of the real bonus and promotion across the gambling world.

  • 100% bonus for the new members for their first deposit: this applies for deposits of Rp 50,000 and above. The maximum bonus given is Rp 300,000.
  • A bonus deposit of 10%: applicable for old members of MAS888 and happens once daily. It applies to a minimum deposit of Rp 50,000 and a maximum deposit of Rp 250,000.
  • Also, 2% deposit bonus every time of your deposit. Maximum bonus is IDR 300.000.
  • 8% Casino Rebate which applies to casino games only. A minimum of IDR 50,000 deposit is required to qualify.
  • Slot Rebate of 1% which applies to Game Slot games. Again, a minimum of IDR 50,000 deposit is needed to activate the 1% Rebate promo.
  • Cock Sucker Rebate of 0.8% which applies only to cockfighting game.
  • Sports Rebate of 0.75% which applies only to Sportsbook games.
  • Referral Bonus; the bonus applies to cockfighting, Game Slots, Sportsbook and Casino.

Customer services 

MAS88 provides customer care services to help in solving any issue concerning them. MAS88 services are excellent especially when it comes to answering your query. It is no comparison with some other casinos in Malaysia. They offer a 24/7 customer care services. You can email them, telephone or Livechat on their official website.


The MAS88 betting software is reasonably secured of your financial information and your privacy. The software has quality graphics and is simple with dormant brown color. The layout helps the players to play with ease but, some details were difficult to find in the same software. Therefore, we cannot say it is the best.



We can recommend players to try MAS888 and see its working. The MAS88 casino is to some extent real.  In the way, MAS88 serve its players from the games, variety of bonuses and promotions all the way to transactions all that is somehow right.  It shows that MAS888 is on its way to perfection.

I recommend MAS888 partly and rate them with three stars. To know everything about MAS888, just sign up to get experience with MAS888. While in MAS888 you will still get bonuses and promotions when you qualify. If you are looking for a casino with a higher rating and better user experience, we would highly recommend Malaysia’s Biggest and Most trusted online casino instead, BullBet8.com. Check them out today and receive your free RM30 playing credit today.

Good luck…

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7luck88 Online Casino Malaysia Review



The 7luck88 casino has been there for around eight years now. 7luck88 has been striving to establish a channel for entertainment for its customers. 7luck88 has ensured that there is responsible gambling.

A Table Showing List of Available Live Casino and Sports Betting Providers at 7luck88 Casino:


Live Casino


Slot Games







12WIN Safari Heat Magnum 4D Winning FT CITIbet
855 Crown White King Toto Asian Sporting Club
S8star Highway Kings Damacai 1+3D SBO Bet
Rollex Captain’s Treasure Singapore 4D MAXBET (IBCbet)
ClubSunCity Panther Moon
SCR888 Archer
3WIN8 Great Blue
LPE88 Halloween Fortune
Joker Silent Samurai
Wu Long
Funky Fruits
Bonus Bears


If you look at the methods that 7luck88 uses for deposit and withdrawal, it is evident that they are fair. The 7luck88 ensures that the methods are secured your money through a broad choice of payment options. On the 7luck88 website, we see payment methods like International Back Transfer, Moneybookers, Neteller, and the Western Union among others. Rarely enough is not perfect, but fortunately, this payment option just present, so that you can safely transact via your bank.

Banking options include ATM, Cash Deposit, Online Transfer and Local Bank Transfer. Minimum transaction is 30 while the maximum is 100,000. Operation time is average 10 to 30 minutes.


Bonuses and promotions 

When it comes to bonuses and promotions, 7luck88 is best.  New customers are always welcomed with gifts. Also, there are deposit bonuses.

  • On joining you get free MYR 10.
  • 3win8- gives an auto bonus of 5% of up to MYR 200
  • SCR888- provides an extra bonus of up to MYR 200
  • A new member has up to 50% risk-free bonus.
  • There is an attendance bonus, extra of up to MYR 118.
  • Keep it Wild and have a welcome bonus MYR 100 free MYR 100.
  • Make the first deposit to start 338% bonus builder.
  • There is also daily first deposit bonus of up to MYR 288-Every play every day.
  • Power boost bonus is another one where you deposit MYR 500 daily and get MYR 188 free.

And  much more. Click on the button below to view all the bonuses on offer

Customer Services 

7luck88 online casino customer services are excellent in performing their work. Players in need of help will find a 24/7 customer service. They have decent service team which supports live chat, WhatsApp chat, email, Skype, and cs7luck88_my. You are required to be patient enough to get the response. You can ask a query, and the customer representative will answer your query through the same mean or make a call where you talk over the same telephone. The 7luck88 customer support is multilingual and professional. All their contact details are available on their website.


7luck88 has secured and stable betting software. 7luck88 ensures that your money and your information are highly protected. Each transaction takes between 10 to 30 minutes. Therefore 7luck88 betting software is reliable.



Finally, we recommend 7luck88 and give it a five stars rating. Even after all those years, 7luck88 has remained at the top in the way they offer their services from games, promotions, bonuses, customer care services, transactions as well as security is excellent. It shows how 7luck88 has that experience in setting and operating their site.

I recommend 7luck88 just sign up to enjoy all the 7luck88 betting premium quality promotions and entertainment. While in 7luck88 you will always be rewarded with bonuses and promotions.

Good luck.…

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128 Casino Malaysia Review



128CASINO is a Malaysian Online Casino that has been around since 2012. They have formed strategic partnerships with some of the best and most trusted names in the industry to ensure the high standards and quality to the games you will get to enjoy.

List of Available Live Casino & Sports Betting Providers at 128casinos.com:

Live & Virtual Casino Slots Poker Sports
Gaming Soft Gaming Soft All in Poker Winning FT
1sCasino Live22 8Cards Poker
Calibet SCR888 Bull Fight
Club SunCity Club SunCity Texas Holdem
Joker Joker 6Cards Poker

128CASINO runs off the latest in payment processing technology, and as a result – its deposit and withdrawal speeds are second to none. Unlike most casino and sportsbook sites, which utilise manual payment methods using bank deposits and manual staff verification, 128CASINO uses the best and latest payment solution method available in the industry – as a result, our test deposits and withdrawals are processed almost *instantly*. Impressive. They clock in an average deposit time of 2 minutes and withdrawal time of 5 minutes


128CASINO is great with its promotions. It runs the industry-standard First Deposit bonus of 100% up to MYR888 and also Daily Bonuses, but at the same time – it offers an unlimited 5% bonus to *all* deposits that you make, giving you the best value for your money. At the same time, it offers fair rollover requirements. Bonus collection and calculation methods are also automated, so customers do not have to fuss or worry about their bonus amounts.

To view all of their promotions, please click the button below.

Customer Service  
As a world-class live casino and sportsbook site, 128CASINO provides the same level of quality and attention its customer service. Chat responses are speedy and polite, and they are always eager to help. We have gone in with various issues, and all of them were resolved within minutes. Truly phenomenal. We gladly award five stars to this department.

Click the button below to be put through to their friendly customer service staff who will assist you in creating your very own account.

This is where 128CASINO truly shines. Released as a revolutionary contender in today’s oversaturated live casino market, 128CASINO sets itself apart with a truly secure system and servers – boasting truly fast payments and the best security the industry has to offer.


We wholeheartedly recommend 128CASINO and award it five stars. It hit the ground running and has not slowed down at all, quickly overtaking other live casino and sports betting sites in its performance, service and security.

This is truly indicative of highly experienced hands behind this site, coming out with a fresh and modern take of an old formula to truly shake up the industry.

Once again – highly recommended site. Five stars for 128CASINO. Click on the button below to register and claim your exclusive free bonus today!!

Good luck to you all!


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Gambling

More and more love the idea of visiting a casino Malaysia. Gambling has really taken off within the last few years and it seems there are millions who’re trying to find the best outlet for them to enjoy. However, online gambling has been the latest avenue to attract players and it’s not hard to see why. Online play is very different from traditional gambling and yet it’s simple and open to most. Read on to find more advantages as well as the disadvantages of online gambling.

There Are More Gambling Establishments Online

Depending on where you live you might find there are restrictions as to which gambling establishments you can visit. If you live in a small town there might not be any casinos available and if that’s the case, going online can be more than wise. However, there are hundreds of amazing gambling establishments online for you to choose from. You can choose whichever sites you feel offer the best value for money and play responsibly. A Malaysian online casino has really become popular over the years and for good reason. These sites are fantastic and online play is easy to work with.

Convenient and Easy To Use

A Malaysia online casino free credit website can be fun, exciting and extremely convenient. For most, they want to visit a casino and play the games they want with little fuss and maximum fun and online is that way forward. With online play you do not have to leave the home so you have a big convenience right there and most sites are easy to use as well. This is a huge advantage to say the least and it’s one of the biggest reasons why more are going online. It’s the convenient way to gamble today.

Online Play Doesn’t Have Any Limitations

One very big issue with online gambling has to be the fact nothing ever closes. Websites do not close at nine PM or at midnight; it continues 24/7 throughout the year. That can be truly dangerous for a host of reasons. Players don’t think about what they’re spending or how fast the money goes and continues to spend, spend, and spend which leaves them out-of-pocket. The problem is there are very few limitations with internet gambling. A casino Malaysia online doesn’t close and some websites don’t set limits as to how much you can spend or deposit within a day which again causes more to be spent. This is a serious issue and one very big disadvantage as it’s easy to lose track of your money. More explained in this post: http://www.cslcc.ca/online-casino-bonuses-no-deposit-casinos/

You Can Easily Become Addicted

To be honest, even if you have never had any issues with gambling before, you can easily become addicted with online play. The reason why this is possible is simply because of the endless options available. You have hundreds of gambling options from casinos to horse racing, football and everything else and it’s easy to lose focus with internet play. You can honestly think you’ll put another dollar on the game you just lost in order to win it back and sooner or later you’re in a very bad cycle. Yes, most people will be able to walk away but there are truly some whose nature refuses them to do so. This is a big disadvantage of online gambling even when it’s a great Malaysian online casino. You have to watch before gambling is addictive even when you’re sensible.

Play Responsibly and Enjoy Your Gaming

Gambling is a tricky element of life because it can offer a lot of enjoyment as well as a lot of risk. For most, they really don’t think about taking more precautions whilst online and it’s a real shame. That is why you need to know the good and bad things of online gambling so that you understand the risks as well as the rewards. Be in the know and enjoy responsible gambling! Why not check out Malaysia online casino free credit sites?…

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